Purpose Of Test

To evaluate the right and left kidney and also the bladder.  Your doctor may also need a “post void” done with this exam. This requires you to come with a full bladder to get a volume of the bladder before and after you empty it.


How long will the pelvic ultrasound take?

Approximately 30 minutes.


Preparation for a kidney ultrasound 

Inform the technologist if you have a latex allergy.

The technologist will ask you to have a full bladder immediately prior to the exam by drinking 32 oz of water 1 hour prior to the kidney ultrasound. You may eat or drink as normal the day of the exam.

Your ultrasound test will be performed by a registered, specially trained, technologist and interpreted by a board-certified radiologist.



You will be asked to lie on a table where a technologist will apply a gel to your lower abdomen

area and move a transducer to various points across your abdomen in order to best demonstrate anatomy. You will need to hold your bladder until instructed to use the restroom for the purpose of pre and post-void images of the bladder.


After the examination

The radiologist will study your images and dictate a report that will be sent to your physician within 3-4 business days.