What does follicle tracking involve? 

Follicle tracking involves scanning the ovaries and tracking the development of the follicles within the ovary from the early immature state to maturity. By following the growth of the follicles, we can help predict when the oocyte is mature, and ovulation will occur.

How long does a follicle tracking procedure take and what is involved?

A follicle tracking procedure usually takes about 20 minutes. Follicle tracking scans are usually done with transvaginal ultrasound, as they are less accurate if we can only look transabdominally. You do not need to drink water or have a full bladder for this procedure. Our specialist team of sonographers and doctors are experts at follicle tracking and are privileged to work closely with multiple different IVF clinics locally and internationally. We understand this information is time sensitive so same day results are given because we want you to have the best chance of success.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are local and international. We can customize your ultrasound imaging required from your specific clinic in the US or if your traveling from another country. Here’s a short list our patients facilities who we accommodate.

1. IVI Mexico
2. Fertility Center of Mexico
3. Ingenes Institute
4. IVF Cancun
5. Fertility Clinic Americas
6. Fertimed
7. Vida Fertility Clinic
8. Fertility Center of Monterrey
9. ProcreaTec
10. CEFAM (Center for Assisted Reproduction) 
Fertility clinics in Houston Resources:
1. Houston Fertility Institute
2. Center of Reproductive Medicine
3. Houston IVF
4. CCRM Houston
5. Advanced Fertility Center of Texas
6. Reproductive Biology Associates
7. Fertility Specialists of Texas
8. The Woodlands IVF
9. The Center for Reproductive Medicine
10. Houston Methodist Reproductive Medicine Associates